This page is to help you get started presenting. We have a video to help you set up your virtual, also a video to help you be more clear on how to present your first time & the email templates to send out to your customers before your presentations.

Tips For Emails:

  • Send them out several hours before as a reminder and so the customer has the link ready to go. 
  • Copy them over and personalize them for yourself and tweak for each person you are going to present to. 
  • Your live link never changes so once you have an email template you are happy with you can reuse that.

Click here for a page with a link to each office’s presentation so you can make sure you have the appropriate form!


SUBJECT LINE: Cutco Scholarship Demo with (YOURNAME) at (TIME) 🙂


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to see my presentation today at TIME! It really helps me with school, my training, and my communication skills. If you could shoot me an email back to confirm I have the right email address, I’d really appreciate it! Please be home by your computer. This means the world to me! THANKS!!

The link for us to video chat on Zoom will be Zoom Link

The link for the slides presentation will be LiveLink

 Talk to you soon!


(Phone Number)


  1. Go to your Profile on by clicking in the top right hand corner where it has your name (Must be logged in)
  2. Scroll down to your virtual deck
  3. Click open deck – looks like like computer monitor (2nd button from right when hovering over deck)
  4. Click Present
  5. Send customer Present Live link.
  6. Click Open Speaker view. This is where you will be able to see your notes and control the slide you and your customer are on.
    Note: You can change the layout of the view by clicking the layout button which is in the top right next to the dark mode button.

Hints and Reminders

  • You and customer need to be at a computer with good internet connection

  • Show husband and wife together if possible!

  • No ACH/Check allowed. Just credit or debit card.

  • Normal Coaching Calls and communication guidelines apply – just like in-person demos. (Call PDI after EVERY demo).


  • Follow the speaker notes
  • Present in Speaker Mode and provide your customer the Live Link
  • Have a paper and pen in front of you. 
  • Call your manager with any questions, and for deals/discounts.



Link to virtual:

GIVE YOURSELF 30 MINUTES TO SET UP THE FIRST TIME. Watch the above training video.

1. To make a copy of the presentation, you need to create an account first! Click login and then use your Google or Facebook account.

2. Personalize the first three slides of your virtual presentation.

3. Read through the presentation once by clicking Present > Open Speaker View

    • There are notes built into the presentation that only you can see for each slide.

    • The virtual presentation is slightly different than the in-person presentation. 

    • Make sure you are comfortable with the technological features of the presentation, so that you’re not confused while presenting. 

NOTE: You’re in complete control of what slide the customer sees. They can’t go back and forth, but you need to instruct them to press “play” on the video slide. If you want to show them the website slide, you must guide them over the phone to tell them where to click. 

4. To share the LIVE link with your customer (the link that allows you to be in control of what the customer sees), click Present > and copy/paste the “Present Live” link in your customer email. It will always be the same link.