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  • Work on getting numbers of prospects/qualified customers and putting them into the Queue app.
  • Qualified Customer = 30+ & Owns a home / Has a career. 
  • You do not need to reach out to that person and ask for a demo. Just get numbers into Queue so you are ready when we learn how to book appointments!
  • Spend a few hours doing the steps at the bottom once and you will feel the rewards of it for the rest of your rep career.

When Getting Friend’s Parent’s Numbers:

  • Do not ask for permission to talk to their parents. Ask for the number so you can ask the parents permission to practice with them
  • Spend the time to get the person’s number that you would do a demo for, not your friends
    • Act like a professional and you will be taken seriously by contacting them personally
    • Learn how to communicate over the phone with customers
    • Your friends will say dumb things to their parents if you try and go through them
    • You don’t want to have to call your friends and bug them every time you try to book demos

Ways To Build Your Names List:

  1. Personal contacts – Who do you currently have in your contacts that would be a qualified customer? Move them over from friends to prospects by clicking the + button. 
  2. Directories – neighborhood, school, club, church/temple, ect 
  3. ParentsBIG TIP: PUT THOUGHT INTO IT & BRING A LIST OF PEOPLE YOU WANT NUMBERS FROM. Don’t expect them to do all the work for you!
    Have a conversation with them and Share things you are excited to gain from the job
    — > Examples: Time management skills, improve communication, networking, scholarship opportunity, potential internship credit, resume experience, presidents club (letter of recommendation from president of company)

    Let them know that anyone they give you:

    – No obligation for them to buy – you get paid, experience and recs on every demo
    – Your Goal is to get as much experience as possible before having to go to people you don’t really know
    – The worst thing they can say is no…
  1. Text Friends For Parents Numbers
    First Text/FB/Snapchat/Insta Message To Friend:
    Hey! I just got a new job and for training I need to do some practice appointments so I can get some experience. What is your mom’s number so I can reach out and see if she will let me practice with her?

If they ask what this is for:
I just need to do appointments to get experience and I’m trying to do as many as possible.  I get paid just to do them so I just want to see if she could spare me 30 minutes just for me to learn. Even if they say no it helps me a ton just to ask. What is the best number so I can check real quick?

  1. Click here for how to call friend’s to get their parent’s phone numbers!
  2. Snapchat / Instagram Message – Acquaintances / People you are not super close with:
    Message: Hey! I know this is super random lol but I got this internship where I get paid to present to parents so I was hoping to get your mom or dad’s number?
  3. Facebook – add people from the neighborhood, family friends, friends parents, teachers ect and then send them a message for phone number.
    Message: Hey! I hope you are doing great. I actually have a quick question that I was hoping you may be able to help me with. What is your phone number so I can give you a quick call later?
  4. – Old fashion phone book where you can search people by town and name. All numbers are not always accurate but a great tool if you are having a tough time with the other methods.

Thought Joggers:

Who do you know who… 

  • Has the nicest kitchen
  • Entertains often – Hosts a lot of dinner parties / Holidays, ect
  • Owns a second home… can be a shore house, mountain house, lake house, apt in the city, hunting lodge, ect.
  • Likes to golf / Belongs to a country club
  • Could get you into the best network / Unofficial mayor
  • That likes to buy things / likes nice things / Has a pool / Owns a boat / Travels often
  • Went to or goes to private school.
  • Lives in a town you’d be excited about doing demos in. 
  • Click here for HUGE list!