Upcoming Events:

    • Weekly Call: Friday 4-4:30/45 – Starting Sept 3rd
    • Oct 16th:  Leadership Academy 2 (2-4PM)
    • Oct 23-26th:  Punta Cana Trip!!!

    • Nov 20th: Leadership Academy 3 & Winter Kick Off Conference with entire Northeast Region

    • Dec 21th:  Leadership Academy 4

    Not In TLA? Apply here:

    TLA Recordings / Resources:

    Growth Plan – TLA Call 9/17

    I forgot to record but everyone made a copy of this growth plan and worked on it: Click here for Growth Plan! And we watched this on 1.5x speed in the background: Click here for video!

    TLA Call #2 – 9/10/21

    Link to recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/iF_MbhETMLKYB3tDP0ShIBjMJbkc9hhMFiMeglZR2QJ3f8aivsWOlpGMIKNSkJ-L.vUTzZSAP40ZmKJbx