● All of our sets come with a built-in discount.
● We have the Accomplished Chef Set with everything you’d ever need in your kitchen.
● The Dedicated Chef set with all the basics that you’d need
● And the Aspiring Chef Set which is a great starter set.
● All of these options come with a buy now bonus where you can get some free gadgets or accessories of your choosing if you were to pick up one of these sets today.
● The Accomplished chef set comes with $150 of free Cutco, the Dedicated chef comes with $100 and the Aspiring chef set comes with $50.
● So out of these three options, which one do you like best? [Wait for response & be quiet!]
● The Accomplished Chef Cookware Set is just $6-10 per month for 5 months.
● The Dedicated Chef Cookware Set is just $4-50 per month for 5 months.
● The Aspiring Chef Cookware Set is just $2-92 per month for 5 months.
⭐Well I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you if you would like to try the __ Set today?⭐

● IF YES: Great, you’re going to love it! Before I enter the order, let’s walk through the accessories and see if there is anything else that may interest you.
[Don’t forget about referrals]

● IF NO: No problem. If you don’t mind me asking… What is the main factor holding you back from investing in our cookware?

● TOO MUCH $$: I totally understand, Cutco is not cheap. I will give my manager a call and see what type of deal we can get you! [CALL OFFICE]

● TOO MANY PIECES: Which pieces wouldn’t you get value out of so I can show you what an option that might be a better fit for you would look like? [FIGURE OUT PIECES & THEN CALL OFFICE]

● NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT / TALK TO SPOUSE: I completely understand. That’s why most customers use the 15-day trial to make sure they can really see the value. If you don’t love it, send it back and get a full refund. On the 5 month plan, you can try it out for only $ _ today. How does that sound?
(IF ONE SPOUSE IS NOT PRESENT:) Book another demo or have the husband/wife that isn’t there.