How to Win the Region Trip

by Lele Hartman


How to win the Region Trip through Sales

The Sep 19 video is old, but is a very POWERFUL video. 10/10 recommend.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish. A plan without action is just a dream.”

Step 1: Breakdown the Numbers

Let’s say you have 39 days left. Let’s say you work for 32 of them. Let’s say you’re at $0 in sales so far for the contest. Ok!

$20,000 ÷ 32 days = $625 per day.

Let’s say you have a 60% closing and a $225 avg order (underestimating here)

$625 ÷ .6 ÷ 225 = 5 demos a day

Let’s make sure the math is right… 32 x 5 x .6 x 225 = $21600

NOTE: stay on the side of CAUTION! Leave a little wiggle room for yourself and aim higher than 20k… just in case you have an order returned.


Remaining Sales Goal ÷ Working Days Left = $ Daily Sales Goal

Daily Sales Goal ÷ Closing Percentage ÷ Average Order = Daily Demo Goal

Working Days x Daily Demo Goal x Closing Percentage x Average Order = Total Goal

Step 2: COMMIT

“99% commitment is HARD AS HELL. 100% commitment is EASY.”

Treat it like a push.

At the end of the day, the only thing that’s holding you back is not your time, it’s not your customers. it’s YOU.

Create a plan for yourself. Your time, motivation, and energy are 3 different things.

If you’re struggling with time management:

  • Block off your schedule. I prefer passion planners, but google calendar is another great choice if you like having notifications on your phone (or a combination of both). 
  • It might not be 3 demos a day for you. It might be some all-out demo days and some days where you do less demos and focus on other things. Plan in advance what the next month will look like for yourself!
  • Go into your school schedule with some demos already on your schedule. Don’t wait to start selling until you’re settled at school. Your school schedule will be the same. the whole semester. If anything, your first week at school is the easiest because it’s mostly just syllabus review.

If you’re struggling with energy management:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Eat healthy, work out, drink enough water, and GO TO DAMN BED!
  • Very few successful entrepreneurs sleep in more than 1-2x a month. WAKE UP!
  • This might sound like pretty basic tips, but have you really been doing all of these things? What do you look like when you’re physically at your best? What is the gap between where your energy is now, an where your energy needs to be?

If you’re struggling with motivation:

  • Do what others won’t now, so you can have what others can’t later. Success demands what most people are capable of giving, but what very few are willing to give. 
  • What is more important to you… temporary comfort, or long-term success? ASK YOURSELF: How will you feel when you see pictures of all your friends on an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.. while you’re at home freezing through fall break? 
  • Communicate with your manager when you’re struggling. Let them hold you accountable. 
  • Get an accountabili-buddy!     

Step 3: Utilize your resources has a learning and development center with TONS of resources on getting more referrals, raising your average order, and bringing your skills to the next level. has a slide that you can use to share your goals with your customer. has an advanced names list builder page is a work in progress page on how to take notes on your customers. Keep your eye out on for when the updated blog post comes out! has a FULL LIBRARY of videos, audios, and documents on anything you could imagine, under the Library button on the sidebar.

Step 4: Share Your Goals with Your Customers


(if someone wants to design a nicer looking goal sharing slide, PLEASE send it to me lol)


I’m actually in a HUGE contest right now that ends on Dec 28. I have a goal to do __ demos, which will put me in a position to sell $20,000. This is big goal, and it won’t be easy, but the reason why I’m working really hard for this contest period is… :

[REASON 1]: To win a trip to puerto rico with the company. The company gives their students the opportunity to earn an all-inclusive trip twice a year! A bunch of my friends on the team have already won, and I would love to have such a great reward for my hard work.




By the way, if I’m reallllly close to my goal at the end of my contest, do I have your permission to give you a call and see if there was anything else on your wishlist that you wanted to try?

Step 5: Crush Callbacks with Your Customers

How to Win the Region Trip through Recruiting

Step 1: Have an Opportunity Mindset

  • Do you believe this is an amazing opportunity? Great, then why wouldn’t you want to share it with people?
  • You can be the reason why our office & division becomes #1 in the nation. 
  • Don’t share the opportunity JUST to win a trip. Share the opportunity because you genuinely want to change lives and impact people. 
  • (Not to mention, it doesn’t stop with the trip… you could win a scholarship) 


  • Your goal is not to convince people that they need a job, your goal is to find people that already need a job and to provide them the opportunity
  • Your goal is also not to go over every single detail about the job. That overcomplicates things. The best approach is for your goal to be getting an applicant in for an interview, and to let the manager handle the rest (aka, explaining all the details)


  • WHERE ELSE can someone find flexible hours, solid pay, 100% work from home, growth opportunities, travel and prize opportunities, AND 1-5 week short winter break work programs ALL TOGETHER?
  • Winter break is one of our biggest times of year because of the unique opportunity we offer for students.

There are tons of ways to recruit.

  • Triple Threat: when you post on your snapchat, instagram, and facebook about the job opportunity.
  • 3-way Texts: when you create a groupchat between you, your manager, and ONE of your friends
  • Class emails: send an email to your class about the opportunity through BlackBoard or Canva
  • Basic Social Media Jumpstart:  Message all your friends on snapchat
  • Advanced Social Media Jumpstart: when you use your social media to add and message people in your office’s territory about the job. 

Triple Threat How-To

Triple threat = when you post about the job on your stories.

MIDDLESEX OFFICE: Access all story posts here:

Step 1) Add a link to the image you’re going to send

  • Go to your camera roll, select the image you want to post. 
  • Press and hold down on the image, click “edit photo”
  • Click the 📎paperclip and link the office application link to the picture.
  • Press the blue arrow

Step 2) Post the image on your story on your phone and tag @NJ.Vector

  • You can’t add links to photos unless you have 10k+ followers

Step 3) Add it to your facebook story

Message all your friends on Snapchat:

Step 1) Add a link to the image you’re going to send

  • Go to your camera roll, select the image you want to post. 
  • Press and hold down on the image, click “edit photo”
  • Click the 📎paperclip and link your office application link to the picture.
  • Press the blue arrow

Step 2) Send it to your story and your friends

  • Press the blue arrow, select “My Story”, then select every friend
  • Literally select every friend unless it’s Mom, Dad, Aunt Suzy, etc 🙂
  • You can even add a message with it! 
  • Hey! I know I might’ve mentioned this before, but I wanted to reach out to see if you (or anyone you know) is looking for something new around online classes? The place I’ve been working at has flexible part-time positions available. It’s all 100% work from home. If so, let me know and you can request an interview in less than a minute on  (If not, no problem) Stay healthy!
  • It will automatically send it all individually 🙂
  • That’s it 🙂 

Class Email Template:

SUBJECT: Work from Home Opportunity: Flexible Schedules for Students

Hey Class!
My manager Lele Hartman owns a business in Middlesex County and works mostly with students. I figured I’d let you guys know that with everything going on right now the company is operating entirely off of virtual systems, so everyone can work from home safely.
They are currently accepting applications for work-from-home positions. Starting pay is $17 base-appt, it’s super flexible so you can work around classes or other jobs. We also have A 1-5 week winter break work program available, and we are interviewing for the program now!

Go to for more info and to apply. Hope this helps!

Stay healthy,


PERSONAL Instagram Jumpstart

Ask your manager to export a spreadsheet of your followers.

Message 20 of your followers from your instagram per day (only takes 5-10 minutes) 


Hey NAME! I hope everything is as good as possible for you and your family. The place I have been working is interviewing right now for work from home positions. I volunteered to reach out to some people in my network to get the word out. I’ve had a great experience and made some really good money. We also have a 1-5 week winter break program. Are you or anybody you know currently looking for work this semester or winter break?


Okay great!. I’ll have our receptionist reach out to you to schedule you for an interview where the manager will go over all the details and you two can talk about whether you think it’ll be a good fit, could I grab your phone number real quick so she can help you? (the link is if you want to share it with anyone btw)


That’s cool. The schedules are really flexible and we have a lot of people that work around other jobs. Here’s the link to the application. Check it out if you need more hours at any point this year.


Sure, it’s entry level sales and customer service. Basically what someone would get paid to do is talk with customers (Phone/Zoom), presenting products, answering questions, and helping them place orders. Pretty simple stuff. Would you like me to have a receptionist reach out to you with more info and to help you potentially set up an interview?


The company is Vector which is the marketing and sales branch for Cutco. We are the local Middlesex branch. We are looking to fill several entry level sales/customer service and social media assistant/receptionist positions. It is a great opportunity for students to build their resume with real world experience. The managers will be going over all the details during the interviews. Would you like me to have a receptionist reach out to you with more info and to help you potentially set up an interview?


No problem, stay healthy and let me know if things change or if you know anyone looking for work feel free to pass along the link


It’s up to you whether you join us.