Building Your Rec List (With Vector Impact)

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Text 10-20 initial customers for a 5 minute “App Practice” Call

Initial Text: Hello ______!  Hope you are doing well!. I was texting to ask you for a quick favor.  Cutco has developed a new app that I will be using on all my presentations this summer, and before I do it with new customers, I was hoping I might get some practice with it.  It would only take 5 minutes on the phone (it’s much shorter than last time I promise ☺).  Is there a time today or tomorrow that I might be able to call you?

Follow Up Text (once they give you a time):  Thank you so much!!!  I will walk you through it when I call, but part of it is you giving feedback on me, lol.  And then part of it is streamlining the recommendations!  I’m trying to get a big list of people to call for the summer!  I’ll call you then!!!

Conducting the App Practice Call

Catch up, Build Rapport, ConnectHello!!!  How have you been?… Don’t forget to ask how their Cutco is.

Share summer MissionThank you so much for helping me with this!!!  The experience with the company has been awesome.  Since I started, I’ve sold _________ and because of how well have done, I have been asked to be a student assistant manager for the break.  Basically, I’ll be mentoring other new students and learning more leadership skills.  I’m also planning on doing a bunch of presentations which I’m excited about.  Depending on my results I may even win a trip to Punta Cana!!!  

I promised I would only take 5 minutes so let’s dive in.  I’m going to text you a link to click on for the app.  (Send Link through Vector Impact –

Explaining the My Cutco Rep AppThis app is only available and used by Cutco Customers.  Eventually, the company is going to use this to keep track of hours and for the demo itself.  For now, it’s a way to get some simple customer feedback and to make it easier for customers to recommend me to people instead of having to type out an email.

Do you have an iPhone or an Android Device?

Ok – great! To get started, I’ll just need you to download the App really quick. Then I’ll give you my rep number and our meeting number and this appointment will have officially started!  As we go through, ask any questions that pop up.  This will help me get used to questions that people ask.  

The app isn’t in the Apple Store or Google Play Store because it’s only to be used by Cutco customers. The only way you can get the link to download the app is from a Cutco rep. I’ll send the link over right now.

text customer link or give instructions on how to find and download App

if iPhone user: after downloading the app you have to click on settings. Ok – then go to general. Once you’re there, scroll down to device management and trust Vector.

After They’ve Installed The App

Okay – There’s a video there that you can watch if you want. Basically, the company is going to thank you for seeing me today, let you know that we can’t collect data without permission, assure you that all of the feedback you give on my presentation is anonymous, and tell you how to download the app. But since we’ve already done all of that you can skip the video if you want.

At the bottom, it asks for a rep number. Here’s my number (give rep number) then click Find Rep.

Then it asks for a meeting code. That’s for the appointment I have with you. It’s (give meeting number)

You should see the first question on the survey about whether I was on time or not.  So, you can try and remember that ☺ and answer that.  Then it asks how I was on the phone.  So, answer that.  And then it asks about my product knowledge.  I was brand new when I did the demo, so I won’t take offense if you don’t rate me a 10. ☺

Asking for More Recs:

This last part is the new recommendation feature.  Part of why I wanted to do this call was to get practice walking people through the app and part of it was, as I said in my text, that I am trying to build my list even bigger!  I can’t wait for you to see how much easier this is!!!!

As we go through this part remember I get paid every time I show someone Cutco, but I can only call people that I’ve been personally recommended too.

This app allows you to send me introductions straight through the app so anyone you recommend me to automatically syncs with my phone… that way you don’t need to take the time to type them all out like you did the first time we met.

This is much easier and of course I’ll only be able to see the ones you send to me.  On the bottom of the screen, you’ll click the “SHARE” button then hit “OK TO SHARE CONTACTS”, then it will let you select those people you want to refer me to.

On this part all you have to do is check off everyone that you think might be nice enough to talk to me on the phone, not necessarily people that you think would buy.  Just people nice like you ☺… and, it’s ok if they live out of state since I do everything online anyway.  Again, thank you so much.

Check off as many as you can and just let me know when you’re finished before you click the SHARE button at the bottom.  Take as much time as you need on this because it’s the most important part of the meeting for me, and I don’t mind waiting.  If you want to recommend me to 100 people ☺, I would take them!!!  Hahaha.

After person says they’re finishedOkay, __(Customer Name)_ THANKS SO MUCH!!!!  Before you click the share button, can you tell me how many it says you selected in the blue box.

OKAY now go ahead and click the “SHARE CONTACTS” button at the bottom…

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help! I really appreciate it!Before We Jump Off, I just wanted to see if there was anything else, I could show you with the product.  We are doing all kinds of special deals on different products and combinations.  **This is all you!!!**