Selling Cookware

After people buy cookware send them this text:

Thank you so much for investing into Cutco Cookware! For the best experience before using the Cookware; follow these quick tips:
1. Review the Cookware Handout (with shipment)
2. Use Medium – Low Heat (Pre Heat)
3. Use Coconut or Vegetable Oil Spray or Grade A Butter for Eggs/Fish/Pancakes & for the best results.
4. Watch these YouTube videos for best cookware experience & recipes
5. Clean with hot water, soap, & scrubber. (If something burns use Bar Keeper’s Friend 1-3x)

Cookware Tips & Cleaning
Cooking eggs
Cooking Frozen Vegetables
3 Course Meal in 18 Mins–Ea4H0TA
Cleaning Stainless Pans Cooking with Cutco Cookware tips & tricks with cutco cookware

Additional Info for you:

Did you know that the USA market for pots/pans is 10x the market for kitchen knives?

Want to sell more cookware? You should if you see yourself being in Cutco another 2+ years

Here are just a couple tips I dropped in a subchat in this group that I’m reposting here to help you out today:

1. Just like you don’t need to know what your iPhone is made out of or how it works to like it, all you care about is that it works… Well! Same with the cookware.

– So… Don’t call it waterless (it confuses ppl), no need to talk about what type of steel it is made from or really that it’s even five ply. They don’t need to know the health benefits and they don’t need to know how to cookw with it (yet. Teach after you close the order, when it matters)

2. People don’t buy cookware bc they want to be healthy. People buy cookware because their old cookware sucks. Dig in. “What motivated you to reach out to me about cookware?” “What do you like about your pans? What do you wish they could do better?” “Are you looking for specific pieces OR, like most ppl, like having a set that covers everyday cooking and when you entertain?” This will tell you everything you need to know about them and what they want. Now it’s your job to help them feel understood and why today is a good day to get Cutco

2.5 we solve problems.

– On a SC, ask to see their pots & pans and most people will already be embarrassed by their current set. Now you can solve that problem and help them get a set they are proud to have and show off

– at an event/SE, ask, “is it safe to say you will upgrade or at least replace some pots & pans in the next 3-5 years?” (Most ppl say yes). Ok, are you familiar with the Cutco pots & pans? Can I take a quick minute & show you why they are one of the 4 most customer requested programs we offer?”

3. Use pics, videos, and stories if needed. “My mom loves that they cook easily like cast iron but clean up better, are dishwasher safe, guaranteed forever, and that it’s Cutco, her favorite kitchen brand”

4. You need to breath confidence into the Convo. If you don’t believe the cookware is worth it, neither will your customer. (Ps. The cookware is worth it!) Just like everything in life, invest some time, energy, & $ into learning & loving the cookware. It’s important you go through this process so you can guide your customers.

5. Make it an easy decision for your customer

– focus on “who” the packages are designed for instead of focusing on pieces

– which package will best serve them the next 20+ years?

– realize that it’s overwhelming buying cookware with so many options out there. All those options can typically be grouped into “cheap” OR “made by/for chefs”. Cutco owners are not Cheap and rarely are they chefs. (We all drive but not like a racecar driver). So Cutco makes the highest quality with the lowest maintenance  cookware designed to serve the avg home cook. If you like the knives, you’ll love the cookware.

6. Now to close it, ask pre-closing questions to make sure you are on the right path

– “have you been happy with your investment in Cutco so far even though it was expensive at the time?”

– “do you like the idea of buying one good set of pans and never having to buy/replace again?”

– “the set you like is normally $x, but as a package today it’s $x or $y for 5 months. Is that something you can swing if you really wanted to, or is that pushing the envelope too much?”

– “well I know you really want to replace your pans and I’m motivated to earn your business today because (reason/goal), So if I sweeten the deal just a little bit, would you be open to getting the cookware now and get in this off of your to-do list?”