Writing a Letter of Commitment

What is a Letter of Commitment?

  • A letter of commitment (LOC) is a letter addressed to your division manager and district manager committing to a position for an upcoming campaign.
  • It does not guarantee that you will be promoted, but it does put you in a better position to receive a promotion.
  • An LOC is more for you than it is for us. You’ll notice that as soon as you commit, your level of intentionality, learning, and growth will elevate.

How do I write an LOC?

  1. Write about how you’re not considering other options for the upcoming (winter break, summer, fall, spring, year, month, etc… time span applicable to your commitment).
  2. Write about why you’d be a good fit for the position you’re committing to.
  3. Write about why you want to commit to the position, and what you’re most excited about.

LOC Examples

Lele’s District LOC:


Thomas’s Branch LOC


Lele’s Sales Manager LOC:


Iara’s Pilot Sales Manager LOC: