Finish The Push With Pride


– Sticky note / knock on doors

– Bribe siblings to help you book demos

– Share goals with parents / family

– More leads, call with and social media post 

– Reach back out to past customers 

– Focus on seeing your best 

– Text people who told you had to reschedule or call back

– Fight to keep demos on your schedule 

– Use cancelations as phone time 

– Commit to 5 before and 5 after

– Post on social media yourself 

– Ask every customer to post on social media for you

– Take strong notes on every demo and set up call backs 

– Ask customers to help you book demos after they give leads 

– Think of business gift leads 

– Ask people you know that you could have done a better demo to let you present again now that you’re better 

– Listen to Audios while phoning to learn and level up

– Record your demos to find ways to improve 

– Get more committed and excited about your goals so your customers actually feel like they are important to you