Extra Goal Sharing Slides

Century Club Slide

Slide purpose: To share your goal to complete 100 presentations with your customer.

Slide suggestion: use a little block to color in the countdown as you go!

SPEAKER NOTES: I have a huge goal to do 100 presentations by _______! It definitely won’t be easy, but I’m working my butt off so that I can accelerate my growth and condense time frames. It would put me in a great position to (ACHIEVE PERSONAL THOUGHT OUT GOAL). That’s why my number one goal is for you to love me so much that you want me to meet all of your friends!

Hall of Flame Slide

Slide purpose: to use social proof to showcase your biggest supporters. Use this to showcase everyone that has become one of my sponsors. To be a sponsor, they…

  • referred me to over 10/15/20 people
  • bought more than $ from me

Region Trip Contest


 I’m actually in a HUGE contest right now that ends on Dec 28. I have a goal to do __ demos, which will put me in a position to sell $__. This is big goal, and it won’t be easy, but the reason why I’m working really hard for this contest period is… :





  • To lead by example and to position myself as a leader on the team.
  • To show my manager that I would love to be promoted to assistant manager.
  • To win some AWESOME prizes 
  • To put myself in a position to win a scholarship and graduate from school debt free. 

SPEAKER NOTES ON REC SLIDE (LAST SLIDE OF THE PRESENTATION): By the way, if I’m reallllly close to my goal at the end of my contest, do I have your permission to give you a call and see if there was anything else on your wishlist that you wanted to try?