How to Have Less Cancelled or Rescheduled Demos

By Lele Hartman



  • You’re not following the approach word for word
  • You’re not following the approach with enthusiasm and confidence
  • You’re booking the demo too far away
  • You’re not sending the demo email at an efficient time
  • You’re sending reminder texts or confirmation texts
  • You’re not responding efficiently when a customer asks to reschedule

You’re not following the phone approach word for word.


Hey (NAME), it’s (YOURNAME). How are you? (Catch up)When you have fun and connect with them, they’re going to have more fun on the phone with you and be more excited to talk to you on the demo.

Well, The reason I’m calling is because I just started a great, new job showing CUTCO.

As part of my training, I’m required to put on some initial training appointments.

You don’t have to get anything, because I get paid just to show it.

When they know what you’re working towards, that expectation is going to make them more comfortable. 


Booking the demo is not about the sale. Doing the demo is about the sale. At this point, it’s important to emphasize (but not over emphasize) that there’s no pressure to buy. 

We can do the entire thing online and it only takes about an hour!Most of your customers are going to spend more time scrolling through facebook that day than they will listening to your presentation. Don’t sound wimpy when you say it takes an hour. Be excited and confident that it ONLY takes an hour. You are going to be the highlight of their day. They are going to have so much fun with you, and time is going to fly by. But… it is important for them to know how long it takes.
I want to do 10 appointments by (3DaysOut)This creates urgency. It lets your customer know you have goals you’re working towards now and emphasizes the importance of booking the presentation sooner rather than later. 
So I wanted to know if we could get on Zoom for an online presentation (DAY) at (TIME) or would (TIME) be better for you?

Offer two times. NEVER use verbiage like “what time works best for you?”


Offer your soonest times first. 

Great! Thanks a lot. This REALLY helps me out!Emphasizing that this is important to you. 
Could you put in your planner that our Zoom call will be on (DATE) at (TIME)?

Have them write it down, put it in their schedule, their calendar, their phone. Adults have calendars and schedules. The people you book demos with have calendars and schedules. 


If you don’t have them write it down, they WILL forget. 

Can I grab your email address real quick to send you the info?See email tips below! Don’t ask them to text you their email unless you legitimately cannot understand them (maybe they’re at a large gathering). It takes less time to write down their email in the moment on the phone than it does to text their email to you. You also don’t want to rely on them to remember to text you their email. 
Will (SPOUSE’S NAME //or// YOUR HUSBAND) be available too? (If no – find a time that would work for both)Make sure the time you book the demo is the best time for a high quality demo. 
Thanks so much for helping me with this! I’m really looking forward to catching up. I know this doesn’t mean a lot to you, but it means a ton to me.Emphasizing that it’s super important to you. 
I’ll email you the day of our presentation and then I’ll be on Zoom, ready to go at exactly (TIME) so please don’t forget about me! Talk to you then!Reminding them the time again to make sure they don’t leave the call not remembering the time you chose.

You’re not following the phone approach with enthusiasm and confidence.

  • You have to be the person on that 1 minute phone call that the customer WANTS to spend an hour with
  • If you sound boring, unconfident, unsure, or wimpy, the customer is not going to be excited to sit down with you and might change their mind about booking the demo with you.
  • SOLUTION: Smile while you dial. Have fun on the phone. Be yourself, connect with them, inflect your tone of voice.

You’re booking the demo too far away.

The more days that go by between the phone call that booked the demo and the demo itself will increase the likelihood of that demo rescheduling, because the customer is going to forget.


  • Book your demos as soon as possible when you’re on the phone with them.
  • Offer your soonest times first, emphasize your goals and create urgency.
  • If the customer REALLY can’t do the demo within 1-4 days of the phone call, a callback scheduled might be better than a demo scheduled.
  • NOTE: If your customers are needing to book the demos multiple days out most of the time, or you have a lot of people asking you to call them back, chances are you need to level up your phoning skillset.

You’re not sending the demo email at an efficient time.

  • If you’re sending the email 5 days before your demo, or 10 minutes before your demo… that is not efficient.
  • Too far away = they’re going to lose the email or forget
  • Too soon = they’re going to think you didn’t remember to send the information or that something came up for you.
  • SOLUTION: if your demo is early in the day, send the email the night before. If your demo is later in the day, send the email the morning of.

You’re sending reminder/confirmation texts about the demo.

  • Texting the customer before the demo to remind them/confirm them for the demo HIGHLY increases the likelihood that customer will cancel or reschedule.
  • If there’s really an important reason the customer CAN’T do the demo at the time scheduled, they’ll reach out to you to ask to reschedule.
  • Texting them before to confirm/remind is basically GIVING THEM PERMISSION to reschedule or cancel.
  • SOLUTION: Don’t send reminder texts or confirmation texts.

You’re not responding efficiently when a customer asks to reschedule.

  • Fun fact: we have a webpage full of helpful text responses you may need!
  • If the customer asks to reschedule – send them this text (or, if you’re on the phone, read it like an approach)

Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time to even sit down with me and I totally understand that things come up, but I was really counting on this demo to hit my goal for the day and stay on track for the scholarship and this contest period I am working really hard for. 

If that time doesn’t work would you be able to do TIME or TIME instead? It would really mean the world to me and could be the difference between me hitting my goal and falling short.. that is the only reason I’m being so persistent!

  • SOLUTION: Use the provided approach to respond to a customer if they ask to reschedule.

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