Advanced Names List Builder

By Owen Trapp and Lele Hartman

Watch the video with the guide underneath and use this worksheet. Write / type down everyone who comes to mind. 

  • Spend a few hours doing this once and you will feel the rewards of it for the rest of your rep career.
  • Qualified Customer = 30+ & Owns a home / Has a career. 
  • Do not ask for permission to talk to their parents. Ask for the number so you can ask the parents permission to practice with them
  • Make a huge list and focus on continuing to add to it and get numbers over time
  • The effort you put into this will pay back tenfold. If you sit down and work hard on it once you will have it done forever.
  • Spend the time to get the person’s number that you would do a demo for, not your friends
    • Professional and taken seriously by contacting them personally
    • Learn how to communicate over the phone with customers
    • Your friends will say dumb things to their parents if you try and go through them
    • You don’t want to have to call your friends and bug them every time you phone to see if they are with their parents or spoke to them or when whatever

Starting To Build Your Names List

1. Personal contacts – Who do you currently have in your contacts that would be a qualified customer?

2. Directories – neighborhood, school, club, church/temple, etc.

3. Parents – points to hit on to share goals so they feel comfortable
– Excited for things I will gain from new job
— > Time management, communication, networking, scholarship opportunity, potential internship credit, resume experience, presidents club (letter of recommendation from president of company)
– No obligation to buy – paid, experience and recs
– Goal = get as much experience as possible before having to go to recs
– Worst thing they can say is no

4.Text Friends For Parents Numbers

First Text/FB/Snapchat/Insta Message To Friend
Hey! I just got a new job and for training I need to do some practice appointments so I can get some experience. What is your mom’s number so I can reach out and see if she will let me practice with her?

If they ask what this is for?
I just need to do appointments to get experience and I’m trying to do as many as possible. I get paid just to do them so I just want to see if she could spare me 30 minutes just for me to learn. Even if they say no it helps me a ton just to ask. What is the best number so I can check real quick?

5. Snapchat / Instagram Message – Acquaintances / People you are not super close with:

Message: Hey! I know this is super random lol but I got this internship where I get paid to present to parents so I was hoping to get your mom or dad’s number?

6. Facebook – add people from the neighborhood, family friends, friends parents, teachers ect and then send them a message for phone number.

Message: Hey! I hope you are doing great. I actually have a quick question that I was hoping you may be able to help me with. What is your phone number so I can give you a quick call?

7. – Old fashion phone book where you can search people by town and name. All numbers are not always accurate but a great tool if you are having a tough time with the other methods.

Advanced Skills: Sticky Note Approach

“Hey! It’s YOURNAME from down the street at ADDRESS. I have a quick question. If you could give me a quick call at PHONENUMBER that would really help with something I’m working on for school. Thanks! =D”


  • If you have a dog, take your dog for a walk while you tape the Sticky Notes on your neighbor’s doors. It makes it way more fun! 
  • Don’t put the StickyNotes in their mailbox, put it on their actual door. 
  • Don’t bring your sample kit with you, but feel free to bring your schedule. 
  • Don’t type/print the note. Write it, it’s more personal. 
  • Bring tape with you. Sticky Notes are not usually sticky enough, especially outside. 

Using Social Media to Expand Your Names List

Note: the stronger your social media profile, the stronger your results will be. This is a social media profile checklist that our assistant managers use to be strong team builders: 

1) Ask your family/customers to make a Facebook Post for You.

My (daughter/son/niece/nephew/familyfriend/etc) NAME is in a contest to earn a scholarship for school, and to help her hit her goal I figured I would make a post to see if anyone would be able to spare 20-30 minutes to sit down with HIM/HER/THEM over the phone. She gets credit towards a scholarship for doing virtual presentations for Cutco – which is just really awesome stuff for the kitchen (knives, flatware, cookware, ect). You don’t have to buy anything, it helps HIM/HER/THEM out just to talk to you. (If you do want to get anything, she’ll give you a great deal). Comment below if you’d be willing to talk with HIM/HER/THEM or call HIM/HER/THEM direct (the presentations are a lot of fun!) HIS/HER/THEIR number is NUMBER. The knives and items from Cutco are amazing.

PRO TIP: Comment on the post:

Thanks mom/dad/x! I think it’d be a great way to get to know everyone in the neighborhood. It’d mean the world to me if anyone could spare 20-30 minutes to sit down with me.

2) Ask your family/customers to make a Facebook Post on a Town/County Mom’s Facebook group. Almost every town/county

Look up “TOWN Moms” on and sort the results specifically by Groups “Ex: Denville Moms” or “Morris County Moms” (Note: Morris County Moms has 11,000 members
Request to Join / Follow the Group
Click “Members” and look to find someone you know.
Ask this person to make a post for you.

3) Facebook Message Your Target Customers

Add your family friends, parents friends, parents of people you went to school with, parents in the area, teachers, coaches, your doctors, hairdressers, ANYONE you have some type of personal connection with.
Hey Mrs. X, my name is x. (I just graduated from x high school / I’m X’s classmate at school / I’m x’s son/daughter/classmate etc)! I hope you and your family are doing okay with everything that’s going on right now 😊 I was actually hoping I could give you a quick call about an internship that I’m working on where I get credit towards a scholarship for school? It would really help me out. My phone # is _____

4) Text your friends.

When I first started, I only sat down with a few of my friend’s parents. I focused way more on aunts/uncles and family friends. I realized that I could have way more control over my results if I sat down with people had a personal connection to before diving into referrals. I sent a text to EVERY single person in my contacts, and I got a bunch of numbers.

The first signature set I ever sold was to the dad of someone that I texted using this approach (my 6th grade biology partner that I hadn’t talked to in 7 years).

  • If it’s someone you don’t know as well, say “Hey! How are you / how have you been?” first, and THEN ask them for their parents’ numbers. (I got way more #s by starting a conversation first).
    Well, I am actually in this HUGE contest right now that ends soon. I’ve been doing presentations for Cutco. It’s basically kitchen stuff, but the cool thing is I get credit towards a scholarship just for doing the presentations. They don’t have to buy anything, just talking to them over the phone for a minute and telling them about it really helps me out. It would mean the world to me if I could have your mom or dad’s number to call them real quick and ask them about it?

Get More Referrals from Family

When I first started working here, my parents didn’t buy or refer me to anyone because they were a little nervous for me. I had to create my own network without my parent’s help! After a few months when I was at around 16k in career sales during my first SC2 push, I asked my parents if I could sit down with them again.

By this point, I was much better at the job. I was way more confident, experienced, and accomplished. They were incredibly impressed and proud, and bought a signature set with cookware and accessories, and they gave me over 60 referrals.

TLDR; Moral of the story – ask the people you sat down with when you started the job for more referrals and emphasize your goals.