Celebrating 75 Years of Cutco

Monthly Updates Coming!




Since 1949, Cutco has been selling the world’s finest Cutlery

  • Our birthday is in February! 
  • Each month Cutco will be coming out with a limited edition product sale to celebrate our 75th year! 

It’s one of the best products that we make, that everybody could use or have an extra pair of, and makes a great gift for anybody. 

  • It can be used in the kitchen, in the garage or in the garden, to cut tough cardboard and plastic, and more. 

You will ONLY be able to get this THIS month of THIS YEAR

  • This is the only time it will ever be available. 
  • Now, something extra special about this is every pair of shears is engraved with 75 years celebration engraving. 
  • They are only available this month, or until supplies last, and there is a high likelihood they will sell out before then because of how many are being sold.